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Voice of the Womb

7 x 90min session (available online or in person)

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • $1100 for 7 sessions
  • In person or Online

Service Description

A series of seven sessions through the 7 gates of the Womb and Throat. The voice of the womb has a primordial cry. This work is a shamanic journey through the womb and throat gates. This is a unique offering created by myself through years of working with the voice and then for the past 7 years connecting this gateway with the womb. We will be exploring the 7 gates of the womb alongside the 7 connecting gates of the mouth/throat– a unique offering I have created. The fully embodied Voice has a Vibrational frequency that makes one stand up and listen. For women who are ready there will be a longing for this work, a knowing, a place we call ‘home’. For women who no longer have wombs, you are able to still work energetically with the gates which can be a really powerful healing process. Some of the reasons why you might want to explore this work: Your voice feels stuck or ‘out of tune'. You freeze or disassociate when you go to speak up. You long for more pleasure in your body. You wish you could get out of your head. You love singing but are scared of being heard and seen. You have painful periods or sex. Your voice lacks power or you lose your voice easily. You know there are ‘codes’ or ‘light language’ that haven't been fully accessed yet. You have lost a child or are struggling to conceive. In our sessions you will learn how to: Work with each gate and theme per session. Explore the biological connection between the throat and cervix. Connect to your own unique voice and vibrational essence. Vibrate your voice through the whole body so that you’re not just a ‘talking head’. To use sound as a vibrational medicine in the body for more pleasure and vitality in your everyday life. Use the breath as an anchor in the body to descend and vibrate the voice and womb. *Cancellations within 24 hours may result in full payment required. Total cost = $1100 for 7x 90 min sessions.

Contact Details

+64 21 747 875

Queenstown, New Zealand

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