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Vibrational Healer & Somatic Therapist

Talia Brand

Calling forth the song of your soul

I work intimately with women to support embodied expression.

Working from a place of co-creation and consent we explore the body with curiosity and deep listening. I have a deep passion in working with the connection between the voice and womb and having explored this deeply within myself, look forward to assisting you too.

We use tools of breath, sound, touch, movement, and mindfulness in my offerings.


By joining a workshop, online course, meditation or a personal session you will feel more in touch with your body, have increased sensation and a deeper intimacy with yourself and your environment. You’ll expand your awareness energetically, physically and mentally to come home to the song of your soul

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Join me on a truly transformational personal journey within and together we'll find the pathways to enable you to source your true essence and creative expression.

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Feel a sense of being held in a community of sisters with a group experience or choose a course that you can do privately. These courses include sacred ritual, sharing, facilitation and home play.

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Throughout the year I hold group workshops and retreats around the world, as well as a weekly online group. If you are interested in knowing more and keeping regularly updated on the happenings – please sign up to my monthly newsletter.

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Voices of the Womb Community

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Plus very soon you will have access to the Whale Song library of FREE guided meditations by Talia.

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