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Talia Brand

Private Sessions

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Join me on a truly transformational journey within. Together we'll find the pathways to enable you to source your true essence and creative expression.

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Vocal Coaching /Embodied Expression

75 min session (available online or in person). This vocal coaching takes a holistic and unique approach drawing on 25 years experience as a classical/opera singer along with several somatic trainings, shamanic training and earth based practices. In the last 10 years, I’ve used my voice more as a channel and attuning to the vibrational field.

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Sexological Bodywork /Embodiment Coaching

90min session (online or in person). Sexological bodywork supports and educates you in learning to direct your own personal and sexual development, to learn more about your body, sex and sexuality or work through sexual issues or concerns. 

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7x 90min session (available online or in person). We will be exploring the 7 gates of the womb connecting with the 7 gates of the mouth and throat. This is a unique offering I have created through extensive practice in my own body of womb work and voice.

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1 hr session (online or in person). Counselling from a space where the body leads. Psychology focusing on the integration of body and mind. When we feel overwhelmed by trauma, talk alone can keep us looping in ‘the story’ Somatic work brings us back to the unspoken voice of our bodies and helps us to discharge rather than staying stuck.

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60 min session (online or in person) A channelled session using my voice for whatever is needed. We start by you sharing what is happening in your life right now and then setting an intention for the session. 

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I am singing with a vocal range I lost in my late teens, I have found my powerful and sensual voice, I feel so alive in every aspect of myself!

I have found I can trust my truth deeply and it is in the gentle expression of personal truth that safety and trust are created in which love and loving touch can flow… I am clear with my voice in speaking my truth.

I travelled to depths where I retrieved my breathing and voice. Messages from this weekend feel potent for changing my life.

This feels like deep healing!

Sand Dunes


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The journey was a dive deep into our bones, calling each of us to remember who we really are and honoring where we have come from. Rarely have I experienced such deep connection between participants in a workshop & such full participation in the practices.

Talia held space for this unfolding to happen & introduced voice exercises that allowed each of us to unfurl in our own unique way. I really appreciated the support to explore the edges of what was comfortable and found that through this gently held space, I was able to completely immerse myself in the experience.

The wisdom gained through this journey continues to resonate through all aspects of my daily life. I am so grateful for the experience.

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