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Kia ora

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Thanks for reaching out to find support as you navigate the next steps of living a fully expressed, engaged and embodied life.

I welcome all parts of you to show up and look forward to working in a co-creative space of deep listening, embodied expression and hopefully a bit of fun and laughter along the way! 


Your voice is welcome here.

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The sessions I have with women are truly transformational. 

I have acquired many qualifications and experiences that have allowed me to interweave many tools into bespoke sessions that are right for you on your evolving journey. 

I bring 25 years of classical training and performance in Voice as well as training in sound healing, several forms of bodywork, somatic sex education, somatic experiencing,  embodied counselling and extensive shamanic womb immersions. This gives me a solid framework and lived experience from which we co-create together.

In our sessions we work from a somatic lens and focus on breath, sound, touch, movement, consent, embodied awareness, & mindfulness. I have a particular interest  in the connection between our voice, womb and sex and how these  pathways interweave and vibrate with each other.

When you have more embodied ease with your voice and expression,  it creates a balance and anchoring to navigate life's ups and downs more skilfully and intimately.

What can open up for you when you do this work?
  • A deeper awareness of sensation & more access to pleasure. Moving away from constant sympathetic nervous system functioning (fight or flight) to more parasympathetic nervous system functioning (rest & digest)

  • Strengthen relationships and increase intimacy.

  • Increase your connection to your own creative source and voice.

  • Become more embodied with a stronger mind/body/soul connection.

  • Lessen depression, grief and anxiety by releasing physical and emotional pain and trauma.

  • Have a strong sense of Yes and No in your body and be able to articulate that.

  • Have a deeper connection with nature and with the natural world

Talia Brand Logo

Have a true sense of who your voice is and how it can show up in an anchored way from deep within.

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My Journey

Talia Brand Logo

For as long as I can remember, I could sing.

It was something that came naturally to me and was a source of comfort and expression at times when my voice was unexpressed in other ways.

I remember listening to records of Kiri Te Kanawa and Inia Te Wiata and feeling entranced by their voices. At the age of 13 told my high school teacher I was going to be an Opera Singer.

Growing up on a sheep farm in the deep south of NZ, I’m not sure how well this was received at home, but I felt compelled to follow this passion. Living on the land gave me a deep love of nature and animals which continues to this day and a strong work ethic.

After high school I completed a Music Diploma in voice in Wellington, NZ and subsequently travelled to Manchester, England to do postgraduate study in voice. I was fortunate to perform on stage in New Zealand, Australia and the U.K and studied with many different teachers.

Whilst living in the U.K I became interested in sound healing amongst other holistic healing modalities. I attended many workshops and festivals with leading-edge wellness facilitators. This led to me exploring many types of bodywork and metaphysical healing over the next 20 years which include Embodied Counselling, Kahuna Massage, a 9 month womb apprenticeship, Myofascial Release and various sacred sexuality retreats.

Several years ago I trained as a Somatic Sex Educator/ Sexological Bodywork. Currently I am in my third and final year of training in Somatic Experiencing – a somatic modality pioneered by Peter Levine working with trauma in the body. This modality has been transformative for me both personally and professionally.

Currently, I live in a small town in Central Otago amongst mountains and lakes and wild beauty. I bathe frequently in Lake Wakatipu and love to get out in nature and feel the elements on my skin.

I am now in my menopausal years and believe that this can be an ecstatic and fruitful time of our life.

Whale song has featured increasingly in my life over the last couple of years and you can read more about that story on my musings blog HERE.  

I am deeply passionate about women having a voice to express in ways that have been lost for generations. I believe now is the time for remembering as we enter a new phase on Earth where our innate wisdom as women is needed to create a new world.

I welcome ALL parts of you and invite you to return home to your body's wisdom so you can once again have a voice without shame or retribution.

Come, let’s play...

Dandelion Parachute Seed


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Talia I would like to thank you for my recent journey to better know and understand myself far more intimately than I ever have before. You created a space during the Sacred Remembering retreat that was safe, honouring, compassionate, professional and transformative.

 I journeyed far deeper and further than I anticipated due to your presence, knowledge and skill as a facilitator. Thank you so very much for the space you created for myself and others to step into knowing we were held with Aroha.

Two Dried Leaves


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Talia, thank you. You are both powerful and gentle. I have the utmost respect for you. I look forward to the next time we can connect. Thanks to you I experienced perhaps the most powerful experience of my life to date.

I now know I can find empowerment through facing my fears and conditioning. I feel that you are an extremely important woman. Please continue with what you are doing.

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