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The Embodied Voice

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A 5 week course online via Zoom

Discover your Voice in its full expression that re-sounds through all parts of you. Your voice is a portal between the conscious and the unconscious, a bridge between the mind and body, the heart and soul. A 5 week online course through Zoom which includes 2 hour sessions on Wednesdays at 8pm, a Facebook support group that will include videos from myself to assist you along the way and guidelines and exercises to use as a daily practice.

13 April–11 May, 2022  (Wednesdays 8pm NZST).

 COST: $444

Discover your Voice in its full expression that vibrates through your body, mind and spirit. 

The voice is a portal between the conscious and the unconscious, a bridge between the mind and body.

We were born with the primal function of sound fully inside us. However as we travel through life we can become blocked in this area due to social conditioning and sometimes traumatic experiences.

The practices you will learn will help you explore deeper listening, connect to sensations in your body and enable you to have a deeper expression in your internal and external worlds.

We will use the essential tools of breath, sound and movement, offered in unique ways which I have developed from my extensive experience in classical singing and holistic wellness modalities.

Allow for your true voice to emerge from a place of ease, joy and freedom. 


Come and discover:

  • A deeper sense of who my voice is and how it wishes to show up in the world

  • A daily vocal warm-up practice

  • More embodied awareness of opening the voice through the whole body

  • Trauma informed awareness around the voice.

  • More awareness of the connection between the three diaphragms: respiratory, pelvic, and laryngeal

  • More awareness of breath and diaphragmatic breathing

  • Increased voice range and mobility

  • More permission and freedom to express.

  • More access to sensation in your body and voice

  • Less ‘trying’ and more opening to let your voice flow

  • A stronger sense of anchoring and connection to the earth through your voice

  • Creative purpose

  • A stronger sense of self, purpose and  your vibrational essence

  • Enhanced confidence to speak up and say what you feel

  • A deeper somatic awareness (soma means body)


Course weekly outline: 

 WK 1 –  Introduction (2 hrs)

  • Embodiment warm-up exercises to warm up the body, breath and voice.

  • Mechanics and physiology of the voice

  • Breath activation through the 3 diaphragms: respiratory, pelvic and laryngeal

  • Improvisation

  • Somatic vocal exercises and play

  • Chakra sounding

  • Circle sharing

  • Simple songs or chants to learn and sound together. You will be muted so no one else will hear you

  • 30-minute embodied ritual using breath, sound, touch and movement


WK 2 – Earth: as above incorporating the earth element. (2 hrs)

WK 3 – Air: as above incorporating the air element. (2 hrs)

Wk 4 – Fire: as above incorporating the fire element. (2 hrs)

Wk 5 – Water: as above incorporating the water element. (2 hrs)


I am a Sound and Somatic Therapist combining tools of sound therapy, vocal coaching, sexological bodywork, embodied counseling, womb work and elemental practices. I am currently in my final year of a  three year course in somatic experiencing founded by Peter Levine. This works with trauma and the nervous system through the body.

I had a background as a Classical and Opera Singer for many years before moving more into the healing arts and embodied therapies. I have a particular passion for the connection between the voice and the vagina and how they are interwoven in breath, physiology and sensation.

For more information on me please READ HERE

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Here's what they have to say

Talia Brand Logo

"I've learned to use sound as a way of allowing my womb, my voice and my feminine to express more freely, creatively and joyfully. Anybody working with Talia is deeply privileged to encounter such a powerful healer, coach, mystic and guide. She has a huge gift to bring to anyone who is seeking to find their deepest truth and freedom."


"I have also become more confident in letting my voice be heard and I am starting to have a lot of fun playing with my voice. Singing in nature and enjoying the tones as they rise up and resonate with my body and the environment around me. Allowing for a new level of connection with self and the world around me. Thank you Talia."


"I found that Talia was very present to each and every participant and really saw them and listened to their individual needs. Talia’s powerful voice gave me permission to explore my own voice in ways that I wouldn’t have thought possible in such a short time. 

Hearing Talia make sound with her voice on its own is like receiving a sound healing, she is inspirational and easy to connect with." 


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