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Whale Song

In the beginning was the Void, the Nothingness and into the Nothingness came the great sound, and out of the great sound came life and all there is. We are of the Great Sound and know the Song of the Universe. We are the Whales.
Whale of mighty Oceans you have seen it all. Secrets of the ages are heard within your call. Teach me how to hear your words and how to understand the very roots of history, Of when our world began.

Whale song has been with me strongly for the last couple of years. It feels like they are calling us to swim with them, to go deeper into the waters, to let matter hold our emotional bodies so we swim even deeper with each other, even when we couldn’t see. To access other realms to connect with each other, to communicate in other ways apart from 'talking'

They call us to journey beneath the waters of our consciousness, opening portals into other realms.

When sounding, I always open my body first to connect with matter before I start to sound so that I can vibrate even wider and be a hollow bone. I open my yoni and throat first to connect to the waters and draw that through my body to connect with consciousness.

One of the most extraordinary discoveries about the Humpback’s song is that even though the song has complex verses and chorus (sometimes lasting up to 24 hours in a stretch) and even though the melody is constantly changing and evolving over time, at any given moment, across an entire region of the ocean… All of the whales are all singing the same song.

With thousands of whales moving along ancient migration trails each year, some believe this helps keep the magnetic fields of our planet in balance. Along these lines, and as conduits, whales relay the frequencies required from specific Stars in our Galaxy to our Earth Star each season.

They deliver these upgraded frequencies to the Earth as they circumnavigate the starry oceanic song lines - as a spiraling sojourn and symphony of celestial songs. They travel like ancient seafarers guided by geo-star maps, realigning the magnetic grids of this planet and to their heavenly counterparts.

The power of the whale opens us to the ability to connect through song, vibration, to travel through vast spaces even beyond time and space. They hold the 'we' frequency that balances the individuality of our human experience.

Many people say their entire lives have been changed by a single moment of eye contact with one of these great beings. Perhaps in their graceful immensity, whales give us a glimpse into a deeper and vaster aspect of our own being.

Perhaps they awaken in us a consciousness that has been here as long as they have. They call forth the song of our own soul that is woven into the great creation song of life. They call us to remember. To rise up as one family and remember how powerful we are when we come together, in peace, for the greater good of all. Now is the time.

If you want to journey deeper with them here is an offering for what you can do:

Tune into your own unique cry or wail.This goes well beyond the rational mind and is not necessarily 'polite' or 'pretty' It helps if you can find some waters to bathe in to do this to support the emotional and energetic body. Call in the Whale/wail and use this sound to release tension or emotion. In using your voice to open your memory stored in your bones and dna, you are tuning into your unique Vibrational fingerprint. As you start to tap in these vibrational sounds you may start to access memories, timelines, and tune in deeper to what you are called here to do in this lifetime.

Making sound in this way helps to silence the chatter in the mind and come back to this sacred remembering that is true for you. You may find support by using other instruments like sound bowls, drums, rattles etc but if you are genuine and humble to be moved through your tissues, the whales will come and support you. This may feel scary and unknown, so you may need to do it gently and in steps. No need to force or erupt, let the breath and the sound hold you and be 'in flow' like a wave in and out.

Note: Beware of being around technology or on social media too much. This tends to muddy the waters and stop us from drinking in sun at this time. I feel the whales are here to anchor in and support the new earth but it's important to really open, receive and surrender and attune to what is ours and ours only. If we want to feel anchored and that we 'belong' here we have to 'long' to hear our own cry.

If you need support to help access this call, this is what I love to do in session.


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